Where ideas and talent meet

Inspirational green areas, sizeable work spaces, and convenient amenities.

A pioneering concept

Connecting quality real estate and ‘countryside’ surroundings

Back in 1995, Quinta da Fonte was one of the first office parks to understand the relation between quality work spaces and ‘countryside’ surroundings.


This pioneering concept allowed the Park to stand out from the coldness of traditional glass office towers to provide a different concept and way of work surrounded by green areas and amenities.

The Ecosystem

Looking for the perfect work-life balance

Quinta da Fonte has evolved the office park concept to companies’ real needs and those of their teams – providing the ever important work-life balance that we are all looking for. Inspired by our very own particular surroundings, we have raised the office park concept to a Business Ecosystem.

Business Ecosystem

5 Pillars for work-life balance



Quinta da Fonte’s new mobility policy involves providing transport alternatives that allow you to travel smoothly, such as customized buses to the Park, initiatives of car pooling and car sharing, municipal shuttles and several bike lanes.



Currently, Quinta da Fonte has 3,800 parking spaces. But we’re not done with improving your work-life environment. The parking regime will be updated to make space for everyone and decrease traffic.



People who enjoy where they work are better at their jobs. It is a win-win for companies who recognise how the workplace is changing.



Quinta da Fonte’s overriding objective is to become recognised as the most sustainable office park in Lisbon and to champion the agenda for better buildings and communities that help people thrive.



Quinta da Fonte is home to some of the most prestigious international companies. Here we are a community: a Business Ecosystem.